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Author Topic: Somebody being stupid  (Read 1113 times)

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Somebody being stupid
« on: April 12, 2008, 04:06:25 PM »
i was on the server, and there was some guy called KM|Hacksaw|Admin on. I joined and he seemed to have a bunch of people (mainly noobs) thinking that he was an admin. Anyway, the map was zm_mall and i had got the molotov cocktails. This guy then demanded that i gave the molotovs to him, and he said if i didn't he would perm ban me. He didn't of course, cause he wasn't an admin. He then got his mic on (he sounded about 10 years old) and started demanding everyone rtved or he would ban everyone.

 I don't think that's worth a ban, just someone to look out for.
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Re: Somebody being stupid
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2008, 05:24:05 PM »
Hm.. server needs admins more than anytime when the VAC is gone I see. I shall start playing again, so this won't happen. Thanks for reporting.


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Re: Somebody being stupid
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2008, 10:56:42 AM »
I saw this guy yesterday. Was laughing my ass of at his voice.
Any way if I see him faking an admin again I'll give him a warning.

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