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Introduction / Hello everyone!
« on: June 01, 2009, 12:30:15 PM »
Hello, all Iced members ! :D

My name is Liam and I know some Iced members like: lolomgwtf, Oni, Remuna, Krystal and more awesome guys.
I live in Sweden but im actually from China. Im a 14 year old boy. I go by the name Sgt. Liam Panda in Zombie Master. Well I dont know what more I can say about myself.. Im a hyperactive guy, loves FPS games and the Ice Cave Server in ZM of course! :D:D Thanks for taking time reading this and have a good afternoon everyone!! :D
I see you guys on the server then! :D Also sorry if I didnt mention all Iced members I know but it would probably be too much.. Wahahahahahaha! :D  :hunter
At your duty, Sir!
// Sgt. Liam Panda

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