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Author Topic: Arma3 server requirements.  (Read 2071 times)

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Arma3 server requirements.
« on: January 23, 2015, 06:59:04 PM »

ALIVE Install only the client.
MCC, install the MOD version
Community Upgrade Project - ARMA2 weapons
ASDG RAILS - needed for Upgrade Project


VTS Weapon Resting
JSRSS (Realistic sound)
Blastcore (Cooler explosions)

Simplified pack (kudos to Skyfire)

Comes with everything except the community weapons pack.

Unzip and throw the @modfolder in your A3 root folder. Double check you do this correctly. For example @CBA_A3 goes in SteamApps\common\Arma 3. If you click the @CBA_A3 folder and then see the mod.cpp file you've done so correctly. @CBA_A3/@CBA_A3 does not work!

When you've put all the mods in the a3 root folder its best to add them in through the A3launcher, right click A3 on steam to get the launcher.

I'd recommend you make your parameters look like this for quick booting.

The mods tab has all mods you've subbed to on steamworkshop but not the mods you've thrown in the a3 root folder. To add them in click the and add them in one by one.

You can now enable/disable mods as you see fit through the launcher.

Launch A3 as normal. You can go to expansions in the A3 game menu to see if the mods are loaded.

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