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Author Topic: TIC Goes Alien Hunting! (Xenonauts)  (Read 1649 times)

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TIC Goes Alien Hunting! (Xenonauts)
« on: June 22, 2014, 01:49:52 PM »
I'll be running a new game of Xenonauts. Since everyone started throwing TIC members into their games, I thought that I might as well do the same.
This'll take a few stages of preperation, and I'll add new information when it's required.
When (if) we get this running, I'll be posting the progression with screenshots and stories and show you how all of you are doing.

Step 1 : Stats
For now, I want everyone who's interested to make a post and write down the name for their soldier and roll for their stats. As much as I'd like everyone to be OP, please be honest with this.
The stats get improved with battles either way. You can roll between 35-75, these are the game's standard values.
The stats are :

Time Units :
This number governs how far your soldier can move and how many actions he can do, like firing and reloading. Some actions take a fixed amount of TU's, like 3 TU for crouching. Others are a percentage, like firing and throwing grenades.
Health :
This stat is your soldier's HP.
Strength :
More strength means that your soldier can carry more before losing getting a TU penalty from carrying too much weight. Some weapons, like an MG or Rocket Launcher require a high amount of Strength to wield effectively.
Accuracy :
A higher Accuracy stat means that the soldier gets a small bonus to hitting things.
Reflexes :
A higher Reflex stat means that your soldier has a higher chance to perform reaction fire. The type of weapon your soldier carries will also be important, because some weapons give a x1.5 Reflex modifier, while others give a x0.5 Reflex modifier.
Bravery :
Bravery is pretty much the most important stat in the game. Because a higher Bravery stat will make the chances that your soldier will flee, berserk etc. lower. Bravery also defends your soldier from mental attacks.

Step 2 : Class
Xenonauts doesn't have any preset classes. But based off the weapons that you get to use, you could make a few classes. If you'd like any additional items with you, you can write them down. I'll list them after the classes. All classes will also have 2-3 mags of ammo, which will be enough.

Sniper :
Recieves a Sniper Rifle. More accurate then a rifle, but takes more TU to shoot.
Reflex Modifier x0.5
Scout :
Gets a pistol in one hand and a Riot Shield in the other to absorb unexpected damage. Scouts are used to scan the area ahead and find the aliens. So this class is best fit for a soldier with high TU and reflexes.
Reflex Modifier x1.5
Rifleman :
Recieves a rifle. Can single shot and burst fire. Best fit for medium range fighting, kind of an all-around class.
Reflex Modifier x1
Machinegunner :
Recieves a machine gun. Takes a high amount of TU to shoot. Can't single shot or burst fire, just full-auto (10 shots). High killing potential if the target has no cover, also the best weapons for suppression. Suppressing an enemy removes 50-100% of their TU. Machine gun's are also vital, because they recieve a high damage boost against mechanical targets.
Reflex Modifier x0.5
Rocketeer :
Uses a rocket launcher and two different types of ammo. Explosive Rockets and Stun Rockets. Best used to fire at multiple enemies that are close together.
Reflex Modifier x0.5
Assault :
Uses a shotgun, excels in close quarter fighting. A soldier with high TU is recommended for hit-and-run style tactics, so they can still enter into cover after killing their target.
Reflex Modifier x1.5

Additional Items :
Frag Grenades
Smoke Grenades, give an accuracy penalty when trying to shoot someone through smoke.
Flashbangs, can suppress and, once upgraded, deal stun damage to organics and mechanics.
Shock Batons, can stun an alien by running over to it and smacking it a few times. Doesn't work great when trying to stun mechanics.
Additional Ammo.
C4, Timed explosive that deals massive damage to buildings to break them open. Also deals suppression when detonated close to aliens.

Step 3 : Base
I'll have to mod the game slightly to make it impossible to lose from losing support. There are 10 continents, and you lose after losing support from 5. It's impossible to keep 5, let alone 10 continents under check with one base. I might remove this if we get enough people up for two bases.
I want you to write down where you'd prefer the base to be, and the name for the base. To add a bit to the fun, you CAN'T choose your own country.

I think that's all for now.

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Re: TIC Goes Alien Hunting! (Xenonauts)
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