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Author Topic: Game Update Notes 09.28.2012  (Read 1313 times)

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Game Update Notes 09.28.2012
« on: September 29, 2012, 04:13:27 PM »
The Beta client has been updated and players may notice the following changes when they log in:

As always we continue to make a number of gameplay and technical optimizations to improve your overall experience.

Notable Bugs:

SCU and Shield Generators should once again be repairable in all situations. We've narrowed down the issue and determined you were doing it wrong. Righty tighty this time.

All Liberator Gun certifications (rear Gun) are now equitable. This does not remove the fact that there is nothing but a piece of plexiglass and the projectiles flying at you in the rear turret.

There was an issue with firing explosive weapons immediately after reloading not causing damage. We've swapped out those training rounds so sorry about that!


We have good news! The suppressors are now working! We also have bad news! The suppressors are now working so you'll see a reduction of velocity and damage over distance. You always have the alternative option to cough really loudly when you take a shot.

We've pasted plastic fins on the standard Heavy Assault rocket launcher rockets, so now they accelerate slightly faster.

Apparently folks using the New Conglomerate scattercannon weren't loading it completely for some reason. We put in a few more rounds so get back to killing.

The Pitcher Certification is now available meaning you can throw grenades even faster. Maintenance has requested you stop practicing with rocks in the spawn rooms. This is why we can't have nice things.

Flash Grenades are now available for the Light Assault. We are mostly certain the blindness from these weapons is only temporary, but you might want to close your eyes before throwing them just to be safe.

Concussion Grenades are also now available for certification. These temporarily disable targets within the blast radius. It may or may not also be the source of gamma radiation mutation so let us know if anything starts to swell or grow.

New Conglomerate weapons are now slightly more accurate. We're hoping this stops them from going "Pew pew pew!" during combat.

The range on the IRNV scope has been reduced. You weren't really seeing that far and we think you were exposed to something. Either way just take 2 of these and hope for the best.


Terminal Hacking Certifications will now reflect new hack times. The first of these certifications will ensure the Infiltrator stops using their field knife in the process. Dings up the keypad something fierce.

Infiltrators now have a reconnaissance tool. It's so classified we aren't really sure what it does but it's better than the camo face paint we were issuing so enjoy!

Nano-Armor cloak is now 25% damage resistant at ranks 1-4 and 30% at rank 5. Please keep in mind there is still 70% of that tank round that can remove your spleen. Don't worry though, we can replace it. These things grow on trees. Literally. Spleen tree. Tell your friends.

A certification for Ammunition has been added to suits so stuff a few more magazines in your pants.

The Burster is now available on the right arm by default on a MAX unit. Thanks to an error in purchasing we have gillions laying around. Seriously we really need you to take one.


Light Aircraft like the Mosquito, Reaver, or Scythe now start with an External Fuel Tank in the secondary slot to increase afterburner fuel capacity. While some of you may be dismayed at flying around with a container full of explosive material, keep in mind you are statistically more likely to crash into a canyon wall. The explosion just helps us find what's left of you.

Flare certifications are now available to reduce the cooldown. Flares should not be used for cooking. Gives the food a funny taste.

The ammunition capacity on the C150 Dalton has been slightly reduced. Truth is, we lost the bigger magazines. You'd think that being bigger, they'd be easy to find, but nope. They're gone.

The Lightning Skyguard weapon has had the magazine and ammunition capacity slightly reduced. We thought about not telling you and just painting a smiley face on each one, but some of you are still touchy from the peace sign on the Liberator.

The Liberator has an afterburner now. We had to remove a few safety features like seat belts and bullet proof glass to make room, but function over form people. Function over form.


We called in an interior designer for recommendations on the Allatum Bio Lab. After recommending new drapes, colors for the spawn tubes, and a feng-shui setup we decided to throw them out of a Galaxy. Instead we've changed the capture mechanics of the satellite outposts which are now forward spawns similar to Zurvan.

A few that didn't make the initial run:

New ammunition types are available.
Anti-vehicle mines are now available.

We'll add more if needed.