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Author Topic: The Wandan of the hearts  (Read 1099 times)

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The Wandan of the hearts
« on: October 16, 2008, 01:21:51 AM »
The Wandan of the hearts
    Prevented us to find and create just is our psychological barriers and the Wandan in the mind.
Long long ago, People used to have a big buy world of warcraft gold in the vegetable garden, a width of about 40 cm, 10 cm high. Either fall down or the abrasions, if the person who went to the vegetable garden, because the person don't care of the big buy world of warcraft gold.
Son: "Dad, the buy wow gold was hated by people, why not put it away?”Father replied like this:" You said that buy wow gold are from you
Grandpa has been put on the era now, it's such a big volume, I do not know what to find, nothing silly digging rocks, careful not to walk That you also can train the ability to respond. “After a few years, this big cheap wow gold left to the next generation, then the son married a daughter-in-law, as a father. One day daughter-in-law angrily said: "Dad, vegetable that big cheap wow gold, I do not want to see it, someday you asked people to remove them.”Dad answered:" out! That big cheap wow gold are very heavy,
It can be removed in my childhood on the move out, which would leave it up to now ah? " Daughter-in-law is not taste very bottom of my heart, that big
cheap wow goldso that she did not know how many times the fall. One day morning, with hoes and a daughter-in-law Barrels of water, the whole barrel of water fell on the big
cheap wow gold around. 10 minutes later, daughter-in-law with a hoe to stir up the soil around the stone pine. Daughter-in-law already psychological
Preparation, it may have to dig day and who not think of a few minutes put a cheap wow gold dug up, look at the size, this
cheap wow gold not imagine such a large,
That is being deceived by the appearance of enormous.
     Please contact: Do you take the idea of hiking downhill; it can not to climb mountains. If you have a boring and hopeless world, it is because you’re self -
Others bore no hope. You change the world; we must first change the mentality of your own.


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Re: The Wandan of the hearts
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