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Author Topic: TTT, The Specialists Update  (Read 6611 times)

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Re: TTT, The Specialists Update
« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2010, 01:02:48 PM »
Updated to latest TTT

Version 19-05-10:

- Fixed killer dying of fall damage if he stands on his victim's head.

- Fixed (probably) a SetRole Lua error in a specific map switching and loading scenario.

- Fixed Lua error when blowing up an NPC.

- Fixed out of stock weapons sometimes not being greyed out in the equipment menu.

- Disabled Detective Beacons because they are useless.

- Removed credit hint text on corpses for Detectives to prevent stupid exploits from people who seem intent on playing the game in the least fun way possible (Why We Can't Have Nice Things, episode XVIII). They can still pick up the credits, but don't get the yellow hint if a corpse has some.

- Added ttt_game_text map entity, for showing messages in the top right. See FGD.

Own changelog:

Removed mp5 from detective menu, it is now a random drop weapon.
*Mp5 overall slightly weakened

Lawgiver double whammy buffed by 2dmg x2 to compensate for the delay in fire.
*Armor piercing delay lowered.
*Grenade range reduced by 5.

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